At DVC Shop, certified real estate brokers and representatives have many years of industry knowledge and experience. With years of industry knowledge and experience, brokers are able to answer almost any question you might have regarding DVC and easily assist you in picking out the perfect DVC contract for you and/or your family. If you need help deciding if DVC is right for you, our team of agents will be happy to assist you in making the correct decision. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase! For more information on DVC, contact us today. We're ready to assist you!

DVC Shop Resales offer unmatched marketing opportunities for buyers and sellers. When buying or selling a home, many buyers wonder what the advantages of a Shop. In short, a DVC Shop has a vast amount of potential buyer's resources at its fingertips. This type of Shop offers the following: comprehensive listings, full service, unbeatable pricing, unmatched customer service, and so much more! Shop Resales has been used successfully by millions of sellers!

DVC Shop Resales makes buying a home a snap! Many consumers are concerned that shopping for a home can be an overwhelming and complicated experience. With extensive listings and unmatched marketing, a buyer can find the home of their dreams without feeling overwhelmed or confused by the many options available. A DVC Shop Resale is an excellent way to ease the purchase process. Because of the many tools and features available, you can select the right option for your needs with minimal effort. Whether you're looking for a new home or want to sell your existing home, you will find great benefits when you become a member of DVC Shop Resales.

The first step in the resale purchase process takes approximately seven weeks due to the standard closing date imposed by the MLS. When you become a DVC Shop subscriber, you will immediately become a member on-line. As a subscribing member, you are assigned a unique Direct Mail ID. Once assigned, you can shop for homes from home listings offered by DVC until your purchase closes. You may also choose to place 'Buy Now' offers on properties that are still available from the DVC Shop.

Purchasing a home through the dvc resales Shop requires no First Sale or Home Buyers remorse because everything from your background screening to the purchase process takes approximately seven weeks due to the MLS opening date. Your purchase only takes approximately seven weeks due to the MLS opening date. You can even shop from home listings during the entire seven-week MLS listing period! As long as you are assigned a unique Direct Mail ID and make all of your payments on time, you will never be turned down for a DVC Shop purchase!

DVC Shop Resales typically takes between three to five business days to complete depending on your specific home. On non-DVC sales, it may take up to four business days. If you are approved for a DVC Shop resale contract, you will be mailed a DVC Shop Resale Pro Kit which contains everything you need to complete your transaction. A DVC Shop Resale Pro Kit typically includes a title/land transfer deed, an escrow/settlement agreement, a vendor's disclosure statement, and disclosures/verification forms. Once signed, your purchase is complete! As long as you pay your first purchase price (as set forth in the contract) plus applicable fees, your property will be automatically transferred to the new owner. See this page:

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